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The massive size and weight of tractor-trailers make them a dangerous and unstoppable force in California truck accidents. Small passenger vehicles stand no chance when matched up against an out-of-control semi truck on the highway. Not only do victims have to deal with their own insurance companies, but they also have to wrangle the trucking companies, who generally hire their own attorneys and insurance adjusters to assess damage and protect them in these situations.

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The California truck accident attorneys at Walter Clark Legal Group have the experience, knowledge, and fortitude necessary to deal with large trucking companies and insurance adjusters and manage the red tape involved with truck accidents. We understand the path to recovery after a serious accident is long and dark and will fight to recover the compensation clients need to cover the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering victims endure.

The injuries victims sustain in accidents with large trucks are severe and can include spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, fractured bones, organ and soft tissue damage, paralysis, and even death. Because of the size difference between a truck and a car, people in passenger vehicles usually bear the brunt of the damage while truck drivers remain fairly safe inside their cabs. And this disparity is only compounded when the California truck accident was caused by the truck driver’s negligence.

Pressure leads to mistakes

Because of strict deadlines and low pay, truck drivers will sometimes take supplements or drugs to help them stay awake on the road and increase their productivity. Under pressure from bosses, clients, and deadlines, truckers push the limits so far that deadly California truck accidents happen.

An MSNBC Investigative Report published earlier this year revealed that a staggering 75 percent of 24-hour drug testing facilities failed to provide a system that made it difficult for truck drivers to fake tests or mask the presence of drugs in their systems. Trucking industry officials maintained that driver errors, and not drugs, cause most accidents, and put the blame on passenger and commercial drivers for most fatalities.

No matter the cause of the California truck accident, the injuries and damage sustained are devastating and negligent drivers need to be held accountable for their actions. Walter Clark Legal Group truck accident attorneys aggressively pursue negligent drivers and will fight for victims’ rights to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Moving forward after a California truck accident

With insurance adjusters showing up at truck accident scenes with the interests of big trucking companies in mind, victims need to beware of leading or incriminating questions and know how to protect themselves and their rights to compensation. The following are some tips California truck accident victims should follow to protect themselves against those who would try to undervalue their claims.

Don’t sign anything from an insurance adjuster until you’ve spoken to an experienced California truck accident attorney at Walter Clark Legal Group. Insurance adjusters will sometimes show up at the scene of an accident and ask leading or incriminating questions just when victims are at their most vulnerable and you may be signing away any future rights to compensation.

Take pictures at the scene of the accident, if you’re able. Pictures are difficult to dispute in a California truck accident lawsuit. Be sure to take down names and contact information as well any phrases they say such as, “the truck was swerving all over the road,” or, “that semi was out of control,” just in case your claim goes to court.

Visit a physician as soon as possible after the California truck accident. Any delay may hurt your claim. Remember that you have the right to a physician of your choice; don’t let the insurance adjuster choose one for you. Also, be sure to keep records and prescriptions on file.

Call your insurance company immediately, as any delays could potentially hurt your case down the line.
Write everything down after the truck accident and keep records and receipts. Six or seven months after a truck accident, it may be hard to remember how painful simple tasks like taking the trash out or putting dishes away were, and an insurance adjuster may try to say you are exaggerating your injuries. Also be sure to maintain records of household services received, like having the lawn mown or house cleaned.

Get help from Walter Clark Legal Group

Large trucking companies often have their own team of attorneys and insurance adjusters standing by to protect their interests in the event of a truck collision. It is extremely important to get the help of a truck accident attorney with the background and experience necessary to stand up to them and protect your rights to compensation. Walter Clark Legal Group is staffed with  experts attorneys who have successfully represented clients in and out of court in California truck accidents for over three decades. If you’ve been injured, call us today.