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People in passenger vehicles are protected by reinforced steel, air bags, and seat belts in an accident, while motorcyclists crash into the pavement at speeds of 60 miles per hour or more with only a thin leather jacket, jeans, and a helmet to protect them. There is no such thing as a “fender bender” in California motorcycle accidents, and because motorcyclists are so exposed, injuries sustained in a wreck can be especially severe.

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Unfortunately, many people have a negative perception of motorcyclists, but the truth is that automobile drivers cause the majority of California motorcycle accidents. Negligence causes serious motorcycle accident injuries when car drivers fail to look properly before switching lanes or see a rider too late to avoid a collision.

With injuries that could require extensive surgeries, expensive medication regimens, and physical therapy, California motorcycle accident victims could be out of work and unable to earn the money necessary to afford important treatment. The California motorcycle accident attorneys at Walter Clark Legal Group will fight for victims’ rights and help secure the compensation they need to cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

California motorcycle riders are not only battling the negative perception of others that they are reckless drivers, they are also battling statistics. The roads are more dangerous than ever before for California motorcycle riders—fatalities in motorcycle accidents across the U.S. increased by 47 percent from 2002 to 2006 and are still on the rise. California motorcycle accident fatalities increased by eight percent from 2005 to 2006.*

Because of social stigmas and the risk for debilitating injuries, California motorcycle accident victims also face a battle with insurance companies who are reluctant to pay the money victims deserve to cover their costs. Walter Clark Legal Group has experience standing up to large insurance companies and fighting for the rights of motorcycle accident victims in and out of court. Trust us to help you get the compensation you need when you’ve been hurt in an accident.

Protect yourself against insurance adjusters

Insurance adjusters will often show up to the scene of a California motorcycle accident and ask leading or potentially incrimination questions of victims while they’re at their most vulnerable. The following guidelines will help motorcyclists protect themselves against those who may try to undervalue their claim.

Don’t sign anything from an insurance adjuster without first talking to the experienced California motorcycle accident attorneys at Walter Clark Legal Group. You may be signing away rights to future compensation.

Take photographs of the scene accident and wreckage, if you’re able. Photographic evidence is very difficult to dispute in a California auto accident lawsuit. Also take note of conditions at the time of the accident, like weather and traffic flow. Speak to witnesses and take down their names and addresses just in case your claim goes to court.

Visit a physician immediately. Delays can hurt your case. Remember, you have the right to a doctor of your choice. Don’t let the insurance adjuster choose a doctor for you. Keep records of all treatment received, medications prescribed, and medical recommendations given by the doctor.

Call your insurance company right away. Any delay could hurt your case down the road

Keep records of everything after the motorcycle accident. Six or seven months after an accident, it may be difficult to recall how painful it was to raise your arms to brush your hair. Also keep receipts for services rendered, like maid services or having the lawn mown. Records can guard against insurance adjusters who will claim you are exaggerating your motorcycle injuries.

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The California motorcycle accident attorneys at Walter Clark Legal Group will fight for your rights as a victim and help you get the money you need to move forward and focus on healing. If you’ve been injured in a California motorcycle accident, contact us today.

*Source: National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration